Patti Phillips

Dr. Patti Phillips is president and CEO of the ROI Institute, Inc., the leading source of ROI competency building, implementation support, networking, and research. She helps organizations implement the ROI Methodology in over 60 countries. Patti serves as Principal Research Fellow for The Conference Board and board member of the Center for Talent Reporting. Patti also serves on the faculty of the UN System Staff College in Turin, Italy, and The University of Southern Mississippi’s PhD in Human Capital Development program. Her work has be featured on CNBC, EuroNews, and over a dozen business journals.

 She, along with her husband Jack Phillips, contributes to a variety of journals and has authored a number of books on the subject of accountability and ROI. In 2014, they celebrated their 45th title with ATD. Recent publications include, Making Human Capital Analytics Work (McGraw-Hill, 2015), Measuring the Success of Leadership Development (ATD, 2015), Performance Consulting, 3rd ed. (Berrett-Koehler, 2015), Measuring Return on Investment in Environment, Health, and Safety (Wiley, 2014), Measuring the Success of Learning through Technology (ATD, 2014), Measuring the Success of Sales Training (ATD, 2013), Measuring the Success of Organization Development (ATD, 2013), Measuring ROI in Healthcare: Tools and Techniques to Measuring Impact and ROI in Healthcare Improvement Projects (McGraw-Hill, 2013), Survey Basics (ATD, 2013).  Patti can be reached at