Paul Sevcik

I'm an energetic, humorous, results-driven Talent Management and Development professional with experience in customer service, teaching, consulting, self storage, and home building.  I've traveled to 20+ countries and worked directly with a variety of people from CEOs to new hires.  

I've rebuilt Training Departments, created specialized training/management development programs and conferences from the ground up, realized savings totaling over $350,000 through process improvement and vendor negotiations, and worked with upwards of 130 trainers to standardize onboarding processes for 1000+ new hires/year.  

I value education and hold MBAs from the US and Europe, have a Masters in Human Resources Management and Organizational Development, as well as a Bachelors in Aviation Administration. I have several Training-specific certifications from Langevin Learning Services, the world's largest train-the-trainer company, and continue to attend professional development courses and conferences regularly to continue my education.