Paul Zaentz-Lewis
  I help your organization achieve success by helping your people be the best they can be. My success is rooted in a passion for training and change management - I bring your employees to the "a-ha!" moment when they become a champion driving the transformation your company, division, or department is seeking.

After almost a decade with one of the top global Big 4 firms I have the experience to understand the needs of a best-in-class, dynamic workplace and the challenges and rewards that it presents. While at Deloitte I moved into Learning and Development roles early on and found that those projects and responsibilities play to my strengths. Collaboration, decision-making in ambiguous environments, managing up, and working with colleagues of all levels - from newly-hired staff to seasoned leadership - are areas in which I excel and find motivation.

Deloitte is where I uncovered my passion for training and change management; for me, they go hand-in-hand. While I have always enjoyed presenting and speaking, I hadn’t had the chance to get into the nuts and bolts of developing a training program through its full lifecycle, and once I did it quickly became the reason I got out of bed every morning with energy and purpose. This passion was rewarded multiple times as I was awarded “Best in Class” for my regional work in the Americas, and an Outstanding Performance award for my 2019 global transformation training program.

Based upon my experience, and Deloitte's thought leadership regarding the future of tax I designed, developed, and delivered internal change management programs to global leadership focused on the socialization of methodology, process, and technology transformation projects utilizing multiple learning platforms (e-learning, live sessions, webinars, and quarterly webcasts) to ensure effective reach of the programs.

I developed and deployed multiple e-learning programs related to the evolution of the tax function and the use of new internal technology in both English and Spanish, providing both content development and the voice-overs.

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