Peter Ronayne
Before joining CCL, Peter Ronayne spent 15 years as a dean and senior faculty member at the Federal Executive Institute (FEI) in Charlottesville, Virginia. While at FEI, he directed the flagship Leadership for a Democratic Society program, launched FEI’s Center for Global Leadership, and co-founded the institute’s “NeuroFed” program on neuroscience and leadership.

A senior faculty member and portfolio manager at the Center for Creative Leadership, Pete’s multidisciplinary background and experience serves the Center in his design and delivery responsibilities for open enrollment and custom programs, and various Global Solutions clients, with a focus on public sector leadership and organizational development.

Pete co-edited The Trusted Leader: Building the Relationships that Make Government Work, a collection of essays on values-based and collaborative leadership in the public sector. He co-authored Biography of an Ideal, a history of the US Civil Service and The Toxic Boss Survival Guide: Tactics for Navigating the Wilderness at Work, and he is the author of Never Again: The United States and the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide since the Holocaust.