Ritu Chander
Ritu Chander is the founder of The Next Move LLC, a leading company in decision-making consulting in the United States, using Movement Pattern Analysis (MPA) as the analytical framework. Ritu is passionate about the simplicity of the MPA framework and the transformative results that occur as her clients break through the roadblocks of their engrained thought processes. Ritu’s clients are entrepreneurs, physicians, corporations and attorneys for jury selection. As a leading expert in MPA, she is an engaging speaker and trainer and is passionate about sharing her knowledge to participate in maximizing the potential of her clients.

Ritu also lives in a parallel universe with her own patent firm specializing in biotechnology and pharmaceutical patents, using her scientific background in genetics and molecular biology. Ritu’s publications span the breadth from being a featured columnist in Masala Magazine to authorship on published abstracts at Abbott Laboratories relating to HIV diagnostics.
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