Ryan Kubacki
CEO, Holden International Ryan Kubacki has led Holden since 2006, further solidifying its position as a global leader of sales performance development. Driving Holden’s commitment to improving competitive advantage through transforming how organizations sell, he has spearheaded the creation of the Holden Adaptive Platform. This new way of developing sellers is centered on instilling game-changing habits. Through online simulations, deal coaching and consulting, and sales software, improvement is an ongoing, effective experience as opposed to a one-time event. Ryan is a recognized authority in innovative instructional design who creates sustainable sales and business development. He co-authored The New Power Base Selling with Jim Holden. Based on data from one of the most comprehensive sales industry surveys, plus more than 50,000 live deal reviews, The New Power Base Selling presents sales as a science. It helps organizations understand how superior sellers win business and how to replicate it across their teams.
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