Shawna Alloway

I have worked in business and program management since 2001 with experience in the recruitment, selection, and training process; training and presentation development and facilitation; facilities management; budgeting; marketing; and leading collaborative teams to solve problems to ensure goals and objectives were met.

Prior to my current position in Training and Development, my work has focused on helping the unemployed and underemployed citizens of Nebraska obtain and maintain meaningful employment through various programs including community service, work experience, on-the-job training, and education.  Currently, my position focuses on the talent and leadership development of nearly 1,000 team members in a plastics food packaging manufacturing facility.  I highly value helping people and businesses succeed with a consistently positive and high regard for others and by providing outstanding customer service.

My passion is helping people reach their highest potential. I am fascinated by the strengths and talents of people and by their individual stories. I am curious by nature and am at my best when researching and learning about a new concept or idea and creating a way to share that information with others. I am energized by "Wouldn't it be great if..." and "Won't it be great when...." thinking., I thrive in a collaborative team environment where ideas can be heard and discussed without judgment. I enjoy the evaluation process to determine if implemented changes achieved the desired results. Colleagues know me as a loyal, trustworthy and dependable leader; a deep thinker who is also highly creative, energetic and positive; and someone who is not easily discouraged.

In addition to an APTD credential, I hold a BS degree in Human Resources Management from Bellevue University, Omaha, NE, Associate degrees in Human Services and Business Administration, and a diploma in Management from Central Community College, Hastings, NE.

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