Suzanne Ehrlich
Dr. Suzanne Ehrlich completed her undergraduate degree at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio. She is currently an Assistant Professor in the Educational Technology, Training and Development program at the University of North Florida. She has presented and engaged in community-based learning since the start of her career in interpreter education. Dr. Ehrlich has and continues to serve as co-chair of the scientific committee for the World Association of Signed Language Interpreters (2015 & 2019) conference.

Her service has included the co-development and advisory role in the development of mentorship programs for novice interpreters in her local community. She was also recently appointed to the Program Committee for Designers for Learning , a non-profit service-based group focused on instructional design for the community. During her time in the Community Scholars Program, she examined the use of digital service learning in curricula. As part of her development, she presented at the Eastern Educational Research Association (EERA) titled Exploring Service-Learning in a Digital World: Reconstructing pedagogical practices in a Teacher Education Program with Dr. Christian Winterbottom.