Tanya Mas
Tanya Mas is a marketing strategist with 12 years’ experience driving demand generation, and building successful, profitable marketing programs. She is the Education Marketing Director, and she joined ATD in March 2018. Tanya is responsible for the overall strategy and execution of Education and Certification marketing programs.

Over the past decade, Tanya has created content, driven social media strategy, produced events, shaped brand architecture, and built online customer engagement communities for startups and EdTech global brands.

Tanya is a lifelong learner with a passion for fostering a growth mindset. She believes that education is transformative and changes lives. Tanya has earned a Masters, Corporate & Professional Communications from Radford University. Prior to receiving her Master’s Degree, she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science-International Relations, as well as, a Bachelor’s Degree in Foreign Languages-French & Spanish.