Tiffany Chouinard

Tiffany is a graduate of the University of Connecticut in Diagnostic Genetic Sciences and Molecular Biology. She is nationally certified as a technologist in Cytogenetics, Molecular Biology, and Histology. She began her career, 15 years ago, with NeoGenomics Laboratories in Fort Myers, Florida as a cytogenetic technologist. Through the years, she continued on a leadership path where she became the Manager of Cytogenetics and FISH before NeoGenomics transitioned Tiffany into a training role, where they could best utilize her talents nationally as the company grew and refocused on these critical needs. Tiffany has been instrumental in the development and progress of the Cytogenetics Training Program, Histotechnology Training Program, and Molecular Biology Training Program through University partnerships or State approval, which NeoGenomics currently offers. In Tiffany's recent promotion to Director of Operations Training, she is instrumental in building a world class culture at NeoGenomics, where innovation, employee training and development are at the forefront.

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