Tim Hagen

We teach organizations and their managers a specific coaching methodology of how to develop and retain top talent through our progress coaching training system. What makes our organization unique is we use a blend of technology, microlearning, and real-world client support. Our progress coaching training system teaches 14 different coaching methods, one of those methods being one-on-one coaching. This provides our clients with incredible choices especially when they do not have time. This lends itself to our ultimate goal of helping organizations build engaging workplace cultures through the art and delivery of coaching.We provide a vast array of products and services to assist companies in developing the managers into powerful manager coaches. We have developed what we believe to be the first of its kind approachability and coachability assessments called get your pulse. This literally measures organizations, their departments, their managers teams, all the way down to each and every employees level of motivation, attitude, acceptance of feedback, relationships in the workplace, etc. this provides us a specific metric to helping organizations measure their cultures and ascertain strengths and areas were additional coaching is needed. In addition, we have our  own online Academy the teaches very situational content such as: coaching millennial's to become future leaders, coaching someone to accept feedback openly and readily, coaching unmotivated employees, etc.Progress coaching is one of the pioneers of the organizational coaching movement. We specialize in helping companies build not just training but situational and real-world support systems to help each and every manager deal with their specific challenges.