Tim Tyler

I pursued and achieved the Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP) after ten years in the field because I came to see learning as more than just a corporate function. I believe learning is a profession, even a calling. Since then I have relentlessly developed my own skills and applied them to provide engaging and effective training for technicians, sales professionals, managers and entrepreneurs in manufacturing and real estate. In 2017 I founded Strategic Learning Partners, LLC to focus serving entrepreneurial businesses with effective persistent learning environments to develop their workforce to its maximum potential.

I delight in learning challenges that involve organizational and transformational market changes, engaging a learner network that is either directly employed or independent and entrepreneurial. I have extensive experience in the challenges of training an independent contractor work force, including legal requirements for terminology and the need to pull learners in rather than push training down. And I always keep in mind the importance of inclusion and diversity in the design and development of training, including not just readily visible diversity, but of invisible minorities as well.

As a corporate learning professional and leader in the local Association for Talent Development (ATD) chapter, I engage in conversations to both learn and share with like-minded learning professionals, sales and marketing professionals. As a mentor I have assisted younger colleagues to clarify their career goals and take concrete steps to pursue them. As a local learning leader, I have guided the local ATD chapter to identify learning audiences and develop programming to attract a wide variety of learning professionals to the chapter, maintaining a focus on member value .

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