Tina Mertel
Tina Mertel has spent her 20+ year career in leading workshops and coaching individuals to improved performance. Her areas of focus include communication skills, teambuilding, leadership, presentation skills, time management, emotional intelligence, creativity, goal setting, conflict management, stress management, wellness, and influence. Common in each workshop is a focus on skill building that incorporates a company’s culture and real life situations. She works with corporate, governmental and non-profit organizations, and runs public workshops in relational presence in New York and San Diego. She has authored several publications including journal articles, and Meaningful Coaching, a book based on the idea that knowing your values as a coach, and the values of your client, assist in making the coaching interaction more meaningful for your client. Based in New York City, she has her M.A. in Human Behavior, B.S. in Business Administration, and is a PCC level coach with the International Coach Federation. You can follow Tina on LinkedIn or visit her website at www.meaningfulcoaching.com.