Dave Lee, CPTD

Bridging the gap between traditional and emerging methodologies to drive engagement, performance, and business results while transforming organizational learning.


TECH SAVVY | conceptual/tactical knowledge of how technologies work and interact, LMS, CMS, data/systems integration, learning and technology, video, mobile apps

DATA-DRIVEN | evidence-based decision-making, data quality, qualitative and quantitative data collection and tools, visualization, reporting, data strategy, xAPI

CUSTOMER-CENTRIC | interviews, surveys, focus groups, feedback loops, self-directed learning, communities of practice, active listening, stakeholder management

FUTURE FOCUSED | collaborative, expect change, change management, social learning and knowledge creation, future of work, future technologies, human-machine interface

INNOVATIVE | problem/solution focus, storytelling, design-thinking model, curious, always learning, networked thinking, making new connections between people and ideas

EXPERIENCED | leadership, CPLP, adult learning theory, project management, program management, sales, marketing, IT, mergers/acquisitions, international

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