Denise Marshall

Denise Marshall, a skilled facilitator and learning development consultant, started her career in learning and development in 2008. Since then. she's built experience helping corporate, higher education, and non-profit organizations review and implement learning development programs to produce real-world success. Clients praise her ability to blend business acumen, technical expertise, and project management experience into sustainable learning opportunities designed for immediate and long-term success. She is recognized for her focus on knowledge transfer, addressing multiple learning styles and abilities, and metric support.

In 2017, after many years of performing contract work outside of her corporate instructional design job, she founded her own company. The Empty Lot, LLC, offers consulting services on improved business development with a focus on defined learning and digital optimization specific to that organization, its employees, and its goals. 

She is the very proud mother of two active boys, who find new ways every day to make her smile and go grey.