Kent Nuttall, CPTD

I've enjoyed over 30 years in Talent Development. My highlights include:

ATD Houston Chapter President.

Working with ATD National on certification activities, including the ATD Capability Model.

Volunteering to do something in ATD Houston Chapter since 2002.

I'm currently sharing a toolkit that can improve training evaluation by turning that evaluation over to employees and their supervisors. The toolkit is also useful to needs analysis, developing a learning culture, and providing structure for a mentoring program.

You can learn more about my latest ideas in my book, Untapped Value: The Power of Meaningful Competence® available through Amazon.



Kent has spent most of his life developing talent. His involvement includes serving as ATD Houston Chapter President and working with ATD International on credentialing projects. He constantly works to increase and demonstrate the value of the talent development profession and its professionals. When you chat with Kent, it’s likely that the conversation will turn to the subject of talent development theory into practice, and how the result can be evaluated. (On a few occasions, he will talk about the Houston Astros or Rockets; consider yourself lucky when he does.) His latest research led to the development and implementation of the Meaningful Competence™ Program designed to help employees and contractors find meaning in their current job, and make meaningful career moves.