Natasha Bowman
For nearly 20 years, Natasha Bowman, JD, SPHR, has labored to transform the American workplace from the inside out. As a champion for employees, she’s worked with a broad range of organizations as a C-suite HR executive to create an engaging environment in which employees are respected, genuine leaders are cultivated, and top performance is achieved. Bowman is a modern-day pioneer of workplace equality, inspiring organizations to not just pay lip service to workplace rights but craft highly engaged cultures where every employee is truly dignified and valued for their contribution. Because of her ability to diagnose workplace issues and provide proven solutions to organizations, she is often referred to as “the Workplace Doctor.”

Bowman has developed a reputation as an expert consultant through her firm, Performance ReNEW, and thought leader for organizations such as 4A’s, Translation LLC, Freeman Company, Wiley Publishing, and Manhattan College. Apart from her rich expertise and cross-sector experience, she brings an ardent intellectual commitment to the field by serving as an adjunct professor of HR for institutions such as Fordham University, Manhattan College, and formerly Georgetown University and the Jack Welch Management Institute. She is a sought-after international keynote speaker having been invited to share her knowledge with the New York Police Department, the City of Detroit, Ford Motor Company, the Employers' Association, Temple University, Microsoft, and the Society for Human Resources Management, just to name a few. Her expertise is frequently quoted in national publications such as Forbes, Business Insider, U.S. News and World Report, and Bloomberg BNA.

In 2017, her bestselling book, You Can’t Do That at Work! 100 Legal Mistakes That Managers Make in the Workplace, published and has been adopted as a critical resource for managers in organizations across America.