Marci Morford
  • TD Magazine
    Wednesday, February 01, 2023
    Tomorrowmind: Thriving at Work With Resilience, Creativity, and ConnectionNow and in an Uncertain Future By Gabriella Rosen Kellerman and Martin Seligman Atria Books, 288 pp., $28.99 This...
  • TD Magazine
    Tuesday, September 01, 2020
    The CEOs Time Machine By Geoff Thatcher Casa Flamingo Literary Arts, 86 pp., $24.99 This book is timely, refreshing, and both pleasant and incredibly fast to tear through. In this garage,...
  • TD Magazine
    Thursday, May 30, 2019
    Cracking Complexity: The Breakthrough Formula for Solving Just About Anything Fast By David Benjamin and David Komlos Nicholas Brealey, 256 pp., $29.95 Cracking Complexity is targeted at...
  • ATD Blog
    Monday, January 22, 2018
    I attended two learning and development conferences this fall and was very excited to learn new technologies and methodologies to inspire me and improve my training delivery skills. But...
  • TD Magazine
    Tuesday, January 02, 2018
    Good Writing Is Good Business: Your Go-To Guide to Stylish and Successful Business Writing By Margaret Chandler Green Fuse, 360 pp., $18.95 Some people lack confidence in their public...
  • TD Magazine
    Saturday, July 01, 2017
    The Future-Proof Workplace: Six Strategies to Accelerate Talent Development, Reshape Your Culture, and Succeed with Purpose By Linda Sharkey and Morag Barrett Wiley, 240 pp., $28 The...