Call Center Training for Healthcare Organizations

Published: Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Hello! I am embarking on a project to reimagine our onboarding program and ongoing learning strategy for our call center / campus operators. I'd love to connect with others doing the same sort of work. My organization is both a medical school and a healthcare provider, so it's got some interesting complexities. Questions I'm looking to answer include:

1. How do you address the  five moments of need in a call center  environment?
(see if this is a new concept for you)

2. What is the best mix of formal/informal learning?


3. What are the unique challenges of the call center environment and how do you address  them?

4. How do you address soft skills? Are you using existing products or developing your own?

5. What technologies are you using to support the learning ecosystem? Is Mobile an option? 

If you are interested/available for a conversation, please email me at

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You may want to explore our call center simulator, unlike Captivate, we can create immersive simulations that allow agents to practice any conversation and onscreen interactions. We did a large project with a healthcare-related company about 15 months ago and the primary reason they were using our platform is that they needed to demonstrate that associates were "floor-ready" before being placed into production. To see some samples you can visit our video page
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In an previous job, I administered a RoboHelp (Adobe) performance support tool for a call center that was built to have the answer to every question available in a searchable engine. We also utilized some creative Captivate design to create real scenarios that trainees had to complete in Orientation. These scenarios created moments of need that had to be addressed. Today that help might be embedded in the system itself, but the training key was how to use the tools (over memorization).
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