How to choose whether or not to centralized training through L&D

Wednesday, March 7, 2018


I work at a financial with about 150 employees.  Currently I have the only L&D role in our organization, and my role has been around just 3 years.  Our L&D function is housed in the HR department.  With a solid learning culture in our company, we know this L&D funciton needs to be grown and we're already feeling growing pains.  The question we are currently asking ourselves is this:  how do we structure training within the company?  Centralized (i.e. through L&D) or De-centralized (i.e. by departments)?


How does your company do it and why?  What are the pros and cons or other factors that led to the decision?  And what does the job role structure look like (i.e. who reports to who)?  Finally, how do you track and monitor training throughout your organization?

I'd love to hear feedback by the hundreds!  I'm looking for as much insight, experience, tips, and food for thought as I can get.  Please share all the details you can that might help us through this planning process so that we have an effective structure in place for when we are able to start growing it.  Thank you!

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Hi Angela, in my experience, in most organizations this call is largely based on how the organization is structured as well as the maturity of the L&D org within the organization. Today though, with most organizations that have a distributed workforce, a combination of centralization and de-centralized model works best where training processes are set up by the central team, however, training delivery, content development, etc. is done by local training teams.
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