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Novel Communication during Crisis

Published: Sunday, May 31, 2020

Communication can open positive oppotunities! Communication can create walls too! 

More importantly during crisis, communication matters. Like a pandemic virus, communication is infectious!  What we say has impact on the thoughts, actions and productivity of others and hence on the results of our communication. Formulation of effective Response Strategy, Communication Startegy and Post Communication Strategy are key to leadership now more than ever.  Alongwith managing the Virus and Economic Crisis, we have more challenges in Managing Fear, Emotions, Expectations  of people across levels and stakeholders in business while communicating during crisis.

The following aspects shall be kept in mind while formulating communication strategies during crisis:

Creating the Right Environment 

Providing Hope

Giving Confidence


Telling the Truth

Appreciating the Efforts & Hardwork of others

Bringing and Building Collaboration 

Using Positive Words

Creating Respect and Positive Perception

 Care & Empathy 

Communication can instill fear and worry or facilitate understanding and harmony. More importantly, Communication can spark actions. So do it right with care to enjoy positive results. 

Anilkumar G

About the Author

Business Coach & HR Specialist

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