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Training GAP Analysis / Training Needs Analysis

Published: Monday, April 23, 2018

I am leading a small team of trainers to deliver various trainings on Microsoft technologies. My current organization is a product based company providing solutions on Lease finance. Some time I feel we have very limited technologgies to deliver. So thought of running a GAP analysis or a Training Needs Analysis for all the employees, which would help me in planning the quaterly calendar.

Need some suggestions how to do a Training Needs Analysis? Is there any specific format needs to be followed and based on what paramteres it should be run through?



Thanks in advance

Ashok Kumar.

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There are no specific formats are "rules" per se; you are trying to get to the root of the problem. I would first look at what your organization an employee survey or initiatives they are setting our for the year. You may be able to narrow down where the "issues are" and provide strategic courses that align with your organization's needs. If you are looking for professional development, then you can start working with specific populations and/or people.
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