Structuring Mutli-Sensory Access Cues in E-Learning Modules

Published: Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Once Instructional Designers begin to consciously and strategically embed targeted sensory triggers and “Access Cues” in E-Learning Modules, the retention rates, pass/fail ratios on assessments, compliance quotas should exponentially explode. More importantly, the E- Learners will be able to assimilate and apply learned knowledge much faster and more completely to the workplace than previously. That is our true benchmark of success, is it not – the application of learned knowledge to the workplace ?

Three Questions, Three Different Perspectives:

  • How can we, as Instructional Designers, create the opportunity for sensory interactions of e-learners without being able to witness their “Access Cues” first-hand?
  • How can Instructional Designers anticipate and embed viable sensory triggers and “Access Cues” for the most effective knowledge transfer from E-Learning modules and recall in virtual environments?
  • How do Instructional Designers effectively structure sensory triggers and “Access Cues” into our E-Learning modules without overpowering the learners with sensory overload?
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