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Ideas to improve team relationships - Partnering on DVA projects

Published: Monday, November 9, 2020


I am an engineer working for the US Army Corps of Engineers in construction.  We are working on major projects for the Department of Veteran affairs.  The project overall has been challenging which has strained the relationship with the contractor.    I am reaching out to all the partnering facilitators out there on some advice on how to implement strategies on improving relationships.  My role is supervisory and I have tried to implement coaching and facilitation skills that I had learned from ATD.  I am looking to establish a new program of regular partnering that can potentially be used throughout our VA program.   Does anyone have experience in the area of facilitating regular partnering spirited meetings that address internal issues as well as issues with a contractor?




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You are right to start having partnering meetings with them as you will need that to get them back on track. You will also need to be clear about where they are missing the mark and what they can do to fix it. Be specific. You will also have to work with them to set up a rolling action item list with deadlines. Then check in on those items as every meeting and get a report out before on them during development, before they are do....are they having any issues, if so what kind & address that
Agree with Ms. Wagschal's comments. You could also enlist your Project/Program Manager as an ally to keep meetings on track, clearly define next steps/roles/responsibilities, etc. which could help with mitigating issues. I've been a contractor support VA for a number of years, so if you would like to connect offline via phone, let me know!
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