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Differences in Job Architecture as a Senior Manager in Learning

Published: Monday, November 29, 2021

Hello ATD community! I am currently a Learning & Growth Manager investigating different job architectures to understand potential specializations and career paths in learning and development at the mid-senior level. I'd love to understand the core competencies for the Senior Manager level in various learning roles to identify similarities with my current strengths and interests, and see overlapping areas where I may need to consider developing more in. I know different industries may have different needs for this career step, but as the sole learning and development person in my company, I don't have a large internal network to lean on, and my career experience is solely in the corporate realm (both client-facing and internal).

Brainstorming questions:

  • Do you  have a job architecture  for Learning Professionals in your company?
  • What key competencies/exposure/experiences helped you level up from Manager to Senior Manager?
  • What are the advantages/disadvantages of remaining a senior individual contributor/specialist in Learning?
  • Have you pivoted into/from any other related career paths (HR, UX or LXD, Community, Communications)?


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