Communication begins Internally

Published: Monday, April 29, 2019

As a leader, it is easy to wake up and jump right into your day, communicating with your team on autopilot. This lack of self-awareness leads to miscommunication. Without communicating with yourself first, your non-verbal language will be misinterpeted (or interpreted correctly with an unwanted negative connotation). Take the time to speak to yourself internally before you speak to another person.  

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Born in Elizabeth, New Jersey, Frank is the Director of Learning & Development at the Lakeside resort & Golfing Community of Reynolds Lake Oconee in Greensboro, Georgia. He enjoys encouraging others to become the best version of themselves and believes in combining artistic creativity within the field of talent development. He is an independent filmmaker and screenwriter with a B.A. in English from Florida International University. Frank writes, directs, and produces his own work alongside his wife Laura.

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Congratulations Frank Brennan;
Yes, I agree with everything because the communication starts internally.
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