Development course for Roles Based Security Training

Published: Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Greetings TD community! I am a new member (just joined yesterday) and  hoping to get into learning the ins and outs of all that this site has to offer with its resources and potential networking connections! I wanted to see if anyone out there has developed a Roles Based Security Training essentially from scratch for their organization and what are some tips, tricks and lessons learned they came across. Also, any recommendations for putting this course together would be well appreciated, particularly as it pertains to making it engaging as possible. I have Camtasia as my primary platform to create a vide along with Snagit. It doesn't need to be interactive per se consisidering my software limitations but enjoyable and interesting as possible. 

All ideas are welcomed from anyone who has done this before or have specific knowledge in this area.

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Greg, I've developed some security training in the past including an enterprise wide Emergency Plan Training and an Active Shooter training. What is most important is to start with the real goals of this training. What actions do you want people to take that are different from what they would do today? The answer to that question drives most of the training. If you give them the, "What's in it for me" up front you are more likely to engage your learners.
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