Practical Training Transfer Quarterly Review

Published: Thursday, August 1, 2019

Every quarter at PTT™ we summarize all of the social activity we have been doing and review events, books, training, and anything else which can be useful to the L&D community. In this quarter's edition we have:

    1. ATD ICE session summary - Goodbye learning events. Hello high performance learning journeys
    2. Focus on Performance session summary by Promote
    3. A review Rob Brinkerhoff's latest book - Improving performance through learning
    4. A review of our experience of taking Will Thalheimer's latest course - Performance-focused smile sheets

We've also included our learning transfer benchmark research. It provides some interesting insights into how companies deploy learning transfer to get great application results from learning. It's worth taking a look at that if you're thinking of using more learning transfer or starting out creating learning journeys. 


If you like what you see in the benchmark research, then you can also contribute and get access to all our free online content, and a personalized report showing how your industry uses learning transfer. All information you supply will be confidential, and we won't ask you to supply company, client or participant details. 

You can sign up to contribute here:

Thanks, and have a great day.

About the Author

Ian Townley, CPLP, is an independent learning and performance consultant based in London, United Kingdom. Over the last 17 years, Ian has designed, developed,and delivered learning to cross-cultural audiences for clients in three continents. He specializes in management development and 21st century soft skills learning design. Ian has had the pleasure of working with some of the most recognized names in industry, including Google, Pfizer, and Bayer. He is passionate advocate for the learner and has spent a large chunk of his career trying to solve the puzzle of how to effectively implement learning transfer to benefit the learner and the business.

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