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Learning and Development Analyst and Organizational Researcher

Published: Friday, September 7, 2018

Learning through experience and collaborative problem solving fosters individual, organizational, community, and societal growth. Given my passion for human development and experiential learning, I explore ways to promote meaningful, impactful change that connects people, situations, and contexts. For sustainable change, people within communities and workplaces are key to identifying pressing issues, exploring solutions, and implementing innovations. As an organizational researcher, my research interests include: (a) Innovation; (b) Experiential Learning; (c) Organizational Process and Change; (d) Linking Educational Tools and Experiences to Business Outcomes.

Areas of Public Speaking and Teaching Expertise:

  • Learning and Brain-Based Myths
  • Resilient Learning Environments and Identity Development
  • Impact of Bias on Learning, Performance, and Identity in Professional Settings
  • Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Research Lean Contexts
  • Stress (traumatic and toxic) and Its Impact on Learning
  • Qualitative Research Methods in Design Thinking
  • Problem-Based Learning and Organizational Development
  • Using Action Research to Foster Organizational and Individual Performance Improvement


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