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Talent Management Systems Gone Bad

Published: Thursday, May 23, 2019
Updated: Thursday, May 23, 2019

When you first saw your TMS it seemed like the answer to all your problems. Sadly you keep feeding it bad data and broken processes. I simply abhor a saying that goes, "We need to fly the plain while we are building it!" Ahhh! Not a very smart idea, do you know what happens to that plain? It will crash!

Before you go any further here is a harsh an often overlooked lesson. The number one thing that makes a TMS crash in flames of disappointment, is the people, mainly executive sponsors in name only but not in practice.

Here are few key points

  1. Rushed decisions without any strategic thinking which often trickles down from the top.
  2. Lack of planning and alignment to organizational mission.
  3. Change management exists in paper but not utilized or only exists as lip service from senior executives (Ouch!).
  4. No real internal processes and the erroneous expectation that a system will create those processes for you. Stop giving A.I. a reason to replace you.
  5. No one can tell your top brass what they want, they need to have the courage to decide on their own.

Sounds scathing but you can't imagine how many times I have seen large projects fail miserably because executive sponsors did not understand their role. Many executive sponsors will argue that they already understand change management and it's impact on people, but time and money is well spent on using a change management tool and methodology.
In the end the success of whatever talent management system is implemented will depend on how well you and executive sponsors and senior leadership truly understand the people, culture, and what change it can tolerate.

More info:

Why Talent Management Systems Fail – 5 years On -

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