Fried Training Talk- Best Of 2020?

Published: Tuesday, December 29, 2020
Updated: Tuesday, December 29, 2020

WHAT WAS YOUR FAVORITE TOPIC FROM 2020’s DISCUSSIONS?  (Posted Early Due to upcoming Holidays, back to Fridays next week.)


Despite many terrible things happening in 2020, the Fried Training Talks provided a lot of learning for me, & I hope some great ideas for you. 52 different discussions created lots of differing opinions, involved many people, and even gave some answers.


Below are the top 12 topics (based on views, not comments) for you to choose from.

I listed them randomly, but will post the (somewhat surprising) views ranking in the comments next week.



I am asking you to choose 1 winner, but if you want to you can pick your top 3, and I’ll never discourage you from saying why you made your pick:


      1. Falling in Love with Learning
      2. Caring about Learning Development/Design During a Pandemic
      3. Businesses Providing Personal Development Training
      4. Favorite Game You Learned From
      5. Do you (trainers/designers) Like Learning
      6. Training Oxymorons
      7. Humor in Learning During a Pandemic
      8. Training Horror Stories
      9. When VR is the Best Solution
      10. New Learning Creation Awards
      11. Designing with Diversity in Mind
      12. Budget Impact on Design

Hope you celebrate a SAFE & HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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"Favorite game to learn from" & "Humor in learning" Tied with the most votes
"When VR is the best solution" came in 3rd
"Businesses providing personal development training", "Training Horror Stories", & "Designing with diversity in mind" all tied for 4th
This is including votes from 3 different platforms and people that voted via direct message. This total only considered #1 votes if people provided their top 3.
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