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Fried Training Talk- Design For Diversity

Published: Tuesday, November 17, 2020
Updated: Tuesday, November 17, 2020


It’s a really big question, hard to answer without some background-

I’m NOT asking if you need to be sensitive to Diversity issues when developing training specifically about Diversity/Inclusion/Awareness/Acceptance. I’m not asking if your organization needs to address Diversity issues.

I AM ASKING, when you design & develop any kind of training, should you be taking Diversity issues into consideration?

I’ve had bosses tell me not to use “weird ethnic names” in ELearning.


I’ve looked at graphics & questioned why everyone in them had light colored skin & wore suits, when it did not match the culture.

In a job working regularly with people with developmental disabilities, I saw training developed without taking into consideration the unique challenges of the people we served.

I try to be very aware, yet if I’m not careful, my biases can sneak in. I could create examples assuming people are heterosexual, or I could assume everyone believes in a particular religion.

Should these kinds of things matter when we develop training?

If they should matter, what can we do to MAKE SURE we consider the impact of diversity when designing & make sure our own (not always hidden) biases don’t impact the training?

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