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Fried Training Talk- Design To Budget?

Published: Friday, November 20, 2020
Updated: Monday, November 23, 2020


Budgets are a fact of life, often impacting what resources we use, the time we spend on a learning project, & evaluation of the training’s impact.

Budget may mean the difference between utilizing Enhanced Reality glasses with Liam Neeson doing the voiceover during an informational walkthrough of a factory floor, and a PowerPoint map emailed to newly hired workers with a note saying, “This may help to know when you arrive at work Monday”.

Budget can impact the ability to deliver training in multiple languages, or to appropriately closed caption ELearning for the hearing impaired.

A couple years back I heard a trainer say, “There just isn’t the money to train this so people will actually remember it.” I think that statement meant development of the training started in the wrong place, “with the budget” instead of with “the desired results of the training.”


One of my connections told me, “If you are an independent Training Developer on a contract, budget must come first. It’s very different from a salaried Learning Designer working for a larger organization.”


Should budget be the most important factor, when we develop training?

If budget shouldn’t be most important, what would you rank ahead of it?

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