Fried Training Talk- Inspirations

Published: Friday, January 31, 2020
Updated: Friday, January 31, 2020

My topic this week was inspired by, Ana Maria Cartan on LinkedIn, who asked what things inspire people in writing. For me inspiration comes in many sizes and forms.

Richard DiPilla, another LinkedIn user, posted an image with a line of matches that was inspiring to me not just because of its message, but also because of how the simple image made a point much stronger point than words would have.

Sometimes inspiration has come in the form of seeing a mechanic in someone else’s ELearning or game and being able to apply it. Allen Interactions created an ELearning many years back with a great conveyor belt mechanic (I don’t know if Ethan Edwards or Michael Alan himself developed it). If the interaction was not completed correctly by the learner, the incorrect object went back into the queue twice, so the learner would get additional practice with something they struggled with, which inspired me to build something with a similar mechanic.

I am currently inspired by Root Bradford’s Escape Room Game, built in Articulate, and am trying to figure out how I can apply a similar concept to an upcoming project.

So my question for all of you this week is:


What generally inspires you when you are designing learning, and what do you have a greatest learning design inspiration?

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