Fried Training Talk- Making Personal Reality Work

Published: Friday, December 6, 2019
Updated: Friday, December 06, 2019

As someone used to rapid development and being active, this past week has been an interesting experience because an injured ankle has forced me to walk slowly with a cane. I must be very aware not just about where I am stepping, but how I am stepping, and unfortunately in this part of the world the depth of what I am stepping in (snow). It does strikes me that this is not the worst analogy to developing training.

As it happens I am scheduled to facilitate a training this week. Certain parts of the activity will be difficult, but far from impossible. The training itself is a great one for me to make use of because it is about the soft skill of presenting information in a positive light. My injury gives me the perfect example to use in because I can present it as “this is so terrible this happened to me” or “you have no idea how many people have stopped to help me, open doors, and show compassion in other ways”. So I will use it in the training.

Any of you wonderful training designers and presenters have some good examples of “using personal reality” to enhance your trainings?


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