Fried Training Talk- Not Your Standard Thanksgiving

Published: Tuesday, November 24, 2020
Updated: Tuesday, November 24, 2020

[Posting this a few days early so those who take time off can see it.]

How this year is different from all other years-

Most years I’ve posted these discussions I’ve asked people to list training design “stuff” they are thankful for, in honor of the US celebrating their Thanksgiving holiday this week.

In a year when many of us are just grateful to be alive, somewhat healthy, and many are searching for gainful employment, it seems “off” to be saying thanks for the developments in A.I. workflow training, or that some executives are finally looking away from multiple choice tests & are trying to tie training to real tangible results.

It is hard to be grateful that many businesses are becoming more aware of diversity & inclusion issues, when it took so much pain for the world to get just this far.


Similarly the push for engaging ELearning feels a little squashed (that’s not an intentional pumpkin pie reference) by the rush to just get it out there so people can train from at home.

So for this Thanksgiving, I am asking you to post, what is different in your Learning Development this year?

If you really want to talk about what you ARE thankful for, here’s the link to last year’s post, feel free to add to it:

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