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Fried Training Talk- Perfect Training World

Published: Friday, October 23, 2020
Updated: Friday, October 23, 2020

How Do We Create A Perfect Training World?

Certainly not by staring at the eye jarring graphic that accompanies this.

In this perfect world of which I type, no Trainers, Instructional Designers, Facilitators, or Subject Matter Experts would be needed. New employees would show up, and on day 1, they’d know exactly what they need to do and how to do it. When a massive system overall happens, people would easily adjust and understand every nuance of the new system and be able to navigate everything without help.

Unfortunately, we all know our co-workers need help every once in a while.

Research shows Workflow Learning and Performance Support are the most impactful ways of helping, but using these approaches exclusively can leave holes. Research shows ELearning can stick better than Instructor Led classroom style sessions, and Gamifying it can make it even more impactful.


We know all these things, and then send our workers and our children into classrooms where someone talks at them for hours.

Obviously the perfect training world doesn’t exist yet, but let me ask all of you…

Where would you start in creating the perfect training world for your learners and your trainers?

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