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Fried Training Talk- Perspective Flip

Published: Friday, March 12, 2021

Should you ever train in Reverse?

 Flipped classrooms and starting with an activity before giving instruction are accepted practices, which can lead to some great results. What I wanted to talk about here is a little different.

Security Training is something that happens in many if not all businesses, and frankly it tends to be pretty dry and boring for those forced to go through it. What if you turned the training around and made the theme about the trainees trying to circumvent security. So if they work for a bank, the learners are trying to “rob it”, or in a store they are trying to “shoplift”.

In this gamified simulation they could learn what safety steps are already in place to prevent the theft, from a different perspective, and in theory that information should easily transfer into their own perspective as someone helping enforce or making use of those security measures.


Would a training like this engage you?

Can you share an example of a similar reverse perspective training that worked for your organization?

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