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Fried Training Talk- Posts That Drive Away Applicants

Published: Friday, February 19, 2021


 We have all, at one point or another in our lives, been looking for a job. The reasons we look can vary from, “I’ve never had a job and I need to make a living” to “I’m miserable doing what I do now and need to get out.”

I am lucky because I enjoy where I work and the people I work with, but I still occasionally get recruitment calls and emails.

There is one Instructional Design position nearby that comes open just about every 7 months, which for me is a huge red flag.bAnother company had “Learning Styles” in the description of their training department, when talking about the ways they develop their training, which would immediately push me away from wanting to work with that company.


Part of what made me think about this is; my company is currently looking for a new Trainer, and I want to believe the position looks as excellent from the outside as the way I see it from the inside.

What things have you seen on Learning Development or Training Job Posts that make you automatically not apply?

What do you see in Job Posts that are signals of a non-learning culture?

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