Fried Training Talk- Roles Of A Trainer/Training Developer

Published: Friday, November 15, 2019
Updated: Friday, November 15, 2019

What is the difference between some training and therapy?

A few months back someone posted about a circumstance where a training was appropriately turned into a counseling session for a group of people about to be laid off.

In team building trainings, often a training designer has to utilize skills not at all associated with training: climbing a wall, balancing on a beam, or bending to get through a web of ropes are only a few examples.I’ve seen team building activities as diverse as a week-long wilderness retreat to a mandated book club and I’m sure those skills were not on the trainer’s (or training developer’s required skills for the job).

There are many more examples of those that develop training having to stretch into other fields. I often say, “I am not an I.T. guy, but sometimes I play one at work.”

From video camera (or smartphone) operator, to being able to make a good peanut butter sandwich- a training designers often have to bring to the table skills more often thought of in other roles.


So last week I talked about lists. Here are 3 roles a trainer or training designer often has to take.

  1. Therapist/Councilor
  2. Information Technologist/Programmer
  3. Camera man/Video producer

What other roles would you add to this list?

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