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Fried Training Talk- Stories vs. Interactions

Published: Friday, May 7, 2021

This past week I found myself working on one of those challenges I really like, creating a compliance ELearning module that won’t bore people and will have an impact.

In this particular module I used relatable realistic stories to set up some interactions that would help the users apply knowledge they likely already knew, or they would learn some of it through completing the interactions.

In doing just a little bit of testing, I realized in this ELearning the story was much more likely to stay with the learner because of the visceral identifiable nature of the story and the characters.

It made me wonder if this is usually the case. We know Learning Styles are not real. So I am not looking to start a full on “Do” vs. “Hear/Read” debate.


I am looking for anecdotal evidence, or even research numbers, that show a Story approach or an Interaction approach is better for the learners.

I know many of you will say “it depends” or the answer to this is a blend of the 2 approaches, and I understand that these are probable the “Right” answer to the question, but for this discussion I’d love to have some of you brilliant folks out there make the case for one over the other particularly if development time may be an issue.


Can you make the case that in certain circumstances one is definitively better than the other?

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