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Fried Training Talk- What Hasn't Changed?

Published: Friday, March 5, 2021

Has the COVID Pandemic changed EVERYTHING in training?

Last year I posted a discussion about all the things that changed in learning design/training because of COVID, and several people said it would be easier to list the things that haven’t changed.

My list of things that haven’t changed is much longer than this, but here is a (not approved by David Letterman) Top Ten List:

    1. Training MUST Engage Learners
    2. Learners Have To Understand What’s In It For Them
    3. Development Needs To Start With The Goal, Then Determine The Best Way To Get There
    4. Need For Training Should Be Carefully Evaluated (It isn’t always a training problem)
    5. Training Needs To Be Developed With Diversity & Inclusion Considered Throughout The Process
    6. Whenever Possible Use Performance Support To Place Resources At Moments Of Need
    7. When Learning Is More Fun It Sticks Better
    8. Shorter Learning Experiences Make For Less Chance Of Cognitive Overload
    9. Gather And Use Data To Drive Training Decisions
    10. Always Know & Understand The Learning Audience

What would you add to this List of Things that haven’t changed?

Are there any element of design on my list you think have changed in the last year?

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