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Research on best practices for teaching software to adults

Published: Thursday, April 29, 2021

Hi there,

I'm looking for some guidance around how to find research on "best" delivery methodologies to use when teaching adults how to use software applications. 

My learners are 1,000+ customer service reps across the U.S. and Canada who are frantically busy researching answers to customer questions regarding their shipments. Their current software runs on a mainframe and the new system runs in the cloud. They’ll be doing the same work, just in an entirely new software environment.

The people presenting the training are service center managers who have no formal training experience. Oh, and the training has to be ready to roll out by late June.  Naturally. 


I want to propose multiple half-hour virtual instructor-led sessions (with actual instructors!) with hands-on activities, but I know I’m going to face pretty strong resistance. To bolster my argument, I would like to provide research around best practices or methodologies to use when training adults on new software applications. But…how do I FIND that research?

Thanks for any direction and/or assistance,

Kerri N

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Kerri - did you get any advice on this post? I'm new in a role and finding that one of the biggest needs is software training. The company is small and the SMEs are swamped. Would happily get on a call with you to brainstorm! Thanks.
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