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Trainers per Capita

Published: Tuesday, January 8, 2019

I  work in  Govermental Haedquarter Training Center  , in this Center we are supervising all the other directorate accross the country ,in every directorate we have main HR Training Center who is responsible for all the employees training within the directorate  ,recently  there was an increase demand from the directorate centers to open TOT courses since these courses conducted only by our supervission and by our Trainers ,we are thinking to do standards for HR  Trainers  need in the whole Orginazation so that we can estimate the real need for Trainers and TOT courses in our organization.

to start with and as a starting point since we have a promotion  courses requirement within the promotion plan   of our employees we are considering the following factors :

1. Number of employees that needs to be promoted per year 

2. Number of courses needed within each speciality 


adding to the above we have International Organization agreement with United nation organizations  like WHO and UNICF  which changing each year 

What are your suggestions regarding putting a standard to estimate the real need to HR Trainers ?

Is it feasible to think this way ( putting standards to Trainers ) ?

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