"The rationalization of the local public sector: impacts on the planning and management of human resources and perspectives of reorientation."

Published: Wednesday, July 11, 2018

The impacts on the planning and management of human resources derived from the new legislation adopted in the period 2010-2015 have generated a series of situations of need analysis within the scope of local authorities. The paper proposed mission is to conduct an analysis of the impacts of legislation streamlining the local public sector in the field of human resources, as well as exceptional and emergency legislation enacted by the state legislature for the period indicated, with description of the problems associated with its practical application. Of general nature, the exhibition aims to provide an introduction to the other presentations by members of the technical group of human resources of the FEMP, which constitute the voice of local government in such a complex as the current context, contributing their practical experiences , organizational peculiarities of different target local authorities, as well as the solutions to concrete everyday problems. Can not be ignored in this context, the peculiarities inherent to local authorities, which, together with the complexity of relations with union representatives, make them a labor camp whose study is of great interest.

About the Author

HR & Training Chief at Vigo City Council, Spain, since 2006. Public Manager & Civil servant.

Degree in Law at University of Salamanca Law School, Spain.

Degree in Public Local Law & Local Administration at University of Santiago de Compostela Law School, Spain.

Public Manager Acreditation by the National Institute of Public Administration (INAP)-Governement of Spain.

Diploma in Local Public Management by Spanish Federation of Councils & Provinces (FEMP)

Human resources, public management, civil service law, strategic planning, training & learning specialist since 2008.

Specialist teacher of public servants in Spain since 2008 at many different Administrations: State Administration of Spain, Deputation of Barcelona, Government of Spain, Deputation of Granada, Deputation of Seville, Deputation of Pontevedra, Vigo City Council, Pontevedra City Council, Spanish Federation of Councils & Provinces, Catalonian Federation of Councils (FMC); Galician School of Public Administration (EGAP) et al.

Workplace harassment Specialist.

Member of the "Human Resources & Civil Service Management & Leadership Advisor Group" at Spanish Federation of Councils & Provinces (FEMP) since 2011.

Researcher at GIGAPP Community about human resources & civil service on local Administrations since 2012, introducing the presentation "The rationalization of the local public sector: impacts in the planning and management of human resources and perspectives of reorientation", Number gtvx, in VI International Congress of the Research Group in Government, Administration and Public policies, GIGAPP). Madrid, Spain, National Institute of Public Administration, 2015.

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Currently studying Official University Master in HR Management at International University of la Rioja (UNIR)-course 2017/2018.



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