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Impressions of participating in Adobe Captivate Certificate (Live Online)

Published: Sunday, February 16, 2020

I am currently working in Japan as an e-learning specialist and instructional designer.I would like to share my impression on the Adobe Captivate Certificate that triggered my career change for those who are unsure about participation.

I had been working as a trainer since 2001. Sometimes I used ATD online training courses from Japan for growth. My first learning with an asynchronous program was in 2015. (CPLP) Of course I learned the content for taking the CPLP exam, but more than that, the interactive structure was very interesting for me. However, since I was busy as a trainer, I wasn't trying to learn how to create interactive content. Then, in 2018, I was thinking about changing jobs and was asked questions in an interview. "Can you use Adobe Captivate?"

After that, I participated in the LIVE Online Course Adobe Captivate Certificate in 2019. This course consists of a 12-hour online webinar. (3 hours a week x 4 times) Lectures are easy to understand from the basics, and proceed with the lectures while sharing the screens of participants. It was also nice that I was able to review during the week after attending the 3 hour webinar. Suitable for me who was a beginner.

It was nice that I could ask questions easily by chatting . For example, a question such as "Which button should be pressed?" Was answered by one of the participants or the facilitator. It was very helpful.


Jenny, the training facilitator I attended, was really kind and helped us from our troubled situation. Also she always took care of me whom participated from Japan.

I had imagined that the creators of e-learning were participating, but almost participants were educators in the organization and I heard from them that they had to design content quickly. Getting information like this was one of the meaningful things.

Participating in the middle of the night (starting at 1:00 AM in Japan) was very hard, but I gained confidence in the operation by participating. I think the content of the course is useful. I think that this is excellent program for beginners.

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