Strength Toolbox, Giving You the Tools to Lead Engaged Employees

Published: Sunday, November 17, 2019

People are your greatest asset, right?  Maybe you have heard that before, but is it true for a business or non-profit? Organizations need people, but they are costing companies $9 trillion (Gallup) in the United States.  One of the biggest costs is disengaged employees. According to Gallup, only 33% of employees are engaged in their jobs

Your employees do not need a manager, they need a coach.  I want to help you become a good coach. Through this e-book, I want to help you grow as a leader and help you engage your employees’ hearts, minds, and strengths.   You do not need to find the “right” employees, but you need to maximize the ones you already have. 

I hope this e-book begins to help you create a vision of what you can do with the talent you and your employees have been given.


Are you ready to be a transformational leader that leads engaged employees? Do you desire greater productivity, lower turnover, and increased profit?  It is time to get started!

About the Author

I am a team and leadership training expert with a Master of Arts in Leadership and two StrengthsFinder coaching certifications. I have spent 19 years coaching and training adults in a variety of contexts, along with experience in public speaking, writing, program development, team building, teaching, and strategic planning.

I am passionate about developing strategic plans, projects, training programs and leading workshops that increase value for an organization. I want every employee and team to reach their full potential through the right development strategies.

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