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Training Staff on How to Lead Customer Experience

Published: Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Ever wondered what could be a great experiential learning activity for an instructor-led training on how to lead Customer Experience (CX) from the inside out, focusing on internal customers to then provide an excellent experience to the external customers? Here is an activity that has worked very well for my training audiences.

The main learning points of this 75-minute training activity are as follows:

1. CX is a series of inter-connected experiences and interactions customers have with employees

2. Customers have an emotional experience during each interaction with staff

3. Together, these interactions make up a holistic customer journey


4. All employees are responsible for contributing to a positive experience that the customer feels great about

5. Brand attributes (X, Y, Z) are guides for our actions to create a positive customer experience

A guide on how to facilitate this learning experience can be viewed @:

Hope many of you get a chance to facilitate this activity for your staff and training audiences.

About the Author
Sergio Alguacil-Mallo is a manager of learning systems and technology with FINCA Impact Finance.
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It is very important to understand even if we made a mistake at one point, we still have opportunity to do it right at the rest of the points, because customer experience is the total feeling at all points, of course it can be understood in another way that we are as strong the weakest point, either way, it emphasizes the we need to hold every single point accountable to get not only a satisfied customer, but a loyal customer, namely the mindset from customer service to customer experience
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