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The Beautiful thing about Feedback Loops

Published: Monday, October 7, 2019

I leverage my leadership skills by seizing  every opportunity to engage in feedback loops. I have noticed over the years in various training and workforce development teams that fantastic ideas led to well thought out projects that for a while thrived and provided positive outcomes. What I noticed missing many times were opportunities for continuous fine tuning and the pro-active response to small or large changes within the organization or within the industry. Something that I have found to be extremely helpful are to incorporate strategically sequenced opportunities to meet and discuss responses to the changes at hand. These continuous feedback loops are similar to how some plants in nature will chemically adjust their leaves once they have been partially eaten by a caterpillar to make them harder to chew! We can take many examples from nature to improve our focus and better our results!

Stephanie A Earl, MAEd/AET, M.S.Psy, CPLP

About the Author

As a young girl Stephanie used to invite her friends over to play school. Friends were excited until at the age of 7 she actually created real math problems for them to do and then they were not so excited any more. Early in her career as a special needs preschool teacher she discovered that even more than teaching math Stephanie wanted to teach children about their emotions and how to communicate and get along with others. This led to her under-graduate degree in psychology. After seeing a need in her student's and their families for mental health education she shifted her focus to behavioral health. Serving as a mentor and coach for those with mental health disorders Stephanie's passion to educate the behavioral health workforce expanded and she then earned her Masters in Adult Education and Training in 2008 so that the knowledge and skills she had acquired could be effectively taught to others in the field. Stephanie still gets her "math fix" by teaching statistics and other psychology related courses at the community college level for the past decade and also gets to provide educational opportunities to the Arizona Public Behavioral Health System workforce. As a skilled facilitator and lifelong learner she has acquired specialized training and is a Master trainer for Stanford University's Chronic Disease Self Management Program and a certified Mental Health First Aid Instructor. In addition Stephanie facilitates Dr. Steven Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and is in the process of earning her CPLP.


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