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Bringing modern training into a new environment

Published: Tuesday, June 5, 2018

There's a lot of enthusiasm for a leadership development program where I work, and I'm eager to develop a modern, collaborative program using some andragogical best practices. A basic delivery outline is drafted:

(Use ACCEL model to guide topic choice; focus on 1-2 ACCEL model elements per 6 months. Example: Listening and engagement)

Each month: 

Week 1: Show 1-2 brief videos related to the selected ACCEL model element, then engage in a group discussion about their experiences and challenges (1-1.5 hours)


Week 2: Have managers meet 1x1 with their supervisors to discuss personal development goals regarding that topic (with a discussion template) (5-10 minutes, included in 1x1)



Week 4: Group follow-up discussion about what they've learned, what has worked for them (1 hour)


I believe that these skills are important enough that we should commit people to an ongoing program of 1-2 hours per week for several months. You can't just show somebody a 15 minute video to provoke a lasting change of behavior. It takes top-down communication of commitment, permission to learn, practice, and reinforcement.

However, in a manufacturing setting, this teaching method is unfamiliar and met with some degree of skepticism. (They're accustomed to straight lecture, no discussion, no evalution.) So I want to make sure the program I do roll out both engages people and elicits positive change.

So, what do you think of the outline listed above? Can it be effective? Is the schedule frequent enough to keep ideas in people's minds, without feeling like overload?

I appreciate your input!




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